David Gilmour Strat American

To help After applying the adhesive copper foil shield in the Hohlr TREES of K Rpers, electric St ments Reduce. & Nbsp; Please expand the two small copper foil in the upper part of the image, these tabs in the direction of the pickguard Befestigungsl Holes and contacting the shield on the pickguard and in contact with the shield of a bolted, it is K Rperh cave, pickguard shield and soil.

Our in the lower part of the image ume just right of center and between the neck and middle pickups routing Hohlr. & Nbsp This is the site of a factory standard ’62 pickguard mounting holes. & Nbsp; The K Body has the ’62 different mounting hole on a 11 Holes pickguard, pickguard and the manufacturer w I HLTE not offer a reason, ’62 pickguard with Befestigungsl Are Chern, I just drilled a hole in the K body only on the right side must provide the typical pattern pickguard 11 L Chern. & Nbsp; This new hole is just right, and see a small amount in the above photo.

I drilled the hole was much cleaner with smooth chamfer the factory holes. & Nbsp; It’s like Fender not quite as much care of the surface condition of Holes as they are covered by the pickguard. & Nbsp; If you cher 6 determine the L Bridge screws, they have a very beautiful ne clean factory chamfering very much like the hole I drilled what ben Is taken to be a good, clean clutch the bridge plate with the K Rperfl surface for smooth panning have the bridge or the use of tremolo.

& nbsp ;. Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s neck pickup & nbsp; Note referred to the blue dot in the room a rod, second from right, is called the neck pickup pickup. & Nbsp; Each sensor in the Custom Shop Fat ’50s all had different properties and that it properly in Fender color coded. & Nbsp; The bridge pickup has a red dot and middle pickup is easy money without color coded pole piece but it is inversely wound hum canceling in positions 5 Schaltkan Le 2 and 4 and it also led yellow and black when the winding around. 

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