David Gilmore Black Strat

I dunno who’s seen this, but the extra switch on David Gilmour’s black Strat is recessed and only just peaks up through the slot cut in the guard for it. There’s some bracket mounted to the back of the guard for it. Somebody on tdpri.com built a Gilmour Strat with that bracket for the switch and I asked him where he got it and whatnot, but he hasn’t responded to the thread in a few days, so I figured I’d ask here. I could just drill a hole in the guard and mount the switch like they’re normally mounted, but I was thinking about doing it “right”. LOL The reason I ask is that I have almost all the parts to build myself a Gilmour Strat. My cousin’s giving me a black Strat body, I have a maple board neck (MIM Standard neck with a vintage spaghetti logo applied), an MIA Strat bridge, and a set of MIA pickups (which I may replace later). Just waiting on the pickguard and gotta order the rest of the electronics and I’m good to go.

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