David Gilmour Black Strat Specs


Every component of our Black Strat Pickguard Assembly has been researched in detail to provide you with an assembly that is truly authentic from the correct pickup selections to the high quality craftsmanship in the detail of the recessed mini-toggle switch along with the unique all black custom Acrylic 1 Ply 0.120″ Rounded and Polished Edge pickguard.  We’ve yet to find a single manufacturer that takes the time required to custom fabricate this unique Acrylic pickguard with the rounded and polished perimeter edge which is most important to construct this pickguard assembly authentically and correctly, you’re just not going to find it anywhere else, guaranteed. We build each assembly with high quality parts such as Fender, Seymour Duncan, CTS potentiometers, CRL 5-way pickup selector switch along with Orange Drop tone capacitors.  We even offer you with a number of alternate customization options to the original design to even further enhance your particular pickguard assembly without compromising that great Gilmour tone.

With this item purchase you will receive a complete pickguard assembly with genuine Fender Custom Shop and Seymour Duncan pickups of your choosing with everything installed, wired and soldered in place, ready to drop in your favorite Strat body by simply connecting the audio and ground wires.  The pickup covers, knobs, switch tip, tremolo cover plate and tremolo arm tip can be selected as White, Parchment, Custom Aged Parchment, Aged White or even Black, and all are genuine Fender accessories.  We include our own custom manufactured Gilmour style 4-¼” tremolo arm along with a set of GHS Boomers David Gilmour Signature Series Strings, a Fender tremolo cover plate, a Switchcraft USA 1/4″ mono output jack and we also include all the mounting screws for the pickguard, tremolo cover plate and output jack plate.

We also offer the option to select from 15 alternate pickguards that differ from the authentic all black Acrylic 1 Ply 0.120″ pickguard with the rounded and polished edge. These alternate pickguard selections would be for those that want the awesome Gilmour tone, electronics and the unique pickup selection modifications but don’t want the same visual appearance.  This custom pickguard assembly no longer has to look like the famous Black Strat, it can now be assembled visually different and customized for your particular Strat styling’s and color theme but will still have the same awesome Gilmour tone.

Some of the unique features of this assembly is our own custom manufactured all Black 1 Ply 0.120″ Acrylic Pickguard with the Rounded and Polished Edge along with our implementation of the recessed mini-toggle switch. The recessed mini-toggle switch pickup selection modification is a unique feature with it’s stylish implementation that is synonymous with the Black Strat. For our recessed mini-toggle switch mounting bracket we have selected to use a sturdy piece of custom formed and polished 24 gauge 304 stainless steel that is strong, and by our unique design easily mountable underneath the volume and tone potentiometers with no attachment modifications to the pickguard required, this is the same style as what you will find on a Fender Custom Shop Gilmour Black Strat. With our pickguard assembly no modifications are required to your Strat body, it’s a “drop-in” unit that on average takes about 30-45 minutes to install.

A question we often receive is “what does this little recessed mini-toggle switch do?” The function of the recessed mini-toggle switch is to activate the neck pickup. By activating the mini-toggle switch with the 5-way selector switch in position 1 (bridge pickup) then you will have the bridge and neck pickups selected together, similar to a Telecaster.  By activating the mini-toggle switch when the 5-way selector switch is in position 2 (bridge and middle pickups) then you will have all three pickups selected at the same time. This gives you a total of 7 unique pickup selections.

Before we build each pickguard assembly we test every single component to verify they are within specified tolerances and that they operate correctly. After each pickguard assembly is built it is then fully tested as a complete unit to ensure correct operation, that way we know 100% for sure it will work perfectly when you install it in your guitar. Complete component and assembly testing results are provided with each pickguard assembly.

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