Black Strat Gilmour Guitar

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I like the tones of Pink Floyd David Gilmour, so I decided to start a guitar on my own using microphones similar to that David used in his famous Black Strat. I have researched the guitar of David Gilmour somewhat over the years, and while I think it’s an excellent guitar work, but I decided to climb one of my own preferences Strat pleased t just a copy right David.

I always loved the Black Strat look of David – black body and black pickguard – and my first Strat was all black, so I wanted to keep that look. I feel the “C” shaped neck strat better than the “V”. I also like the keenest I re feel and tone Ois the maple neck on my Fender Telecaster a little better than the darker rosewood handle resonance on my old 80s Strat more. I decided to have my new Strat maple neck / sleeve. Gilmour has used both, but his black Strat now also has a maple neck with a C-shaped neck for pickups, I used bluesy sounding SCN (Samarium Cobalt noisless – discontinued) microphones and Gold Lace Sensors in the past, but I wanted to try something sounding more vintage neck and middle pickups and a hotter bridge closer to what used Gilmour. I liked the blues sounding neck pickup SCN in my purple Deluxe Strat, and I reached a similar tone neck with the neck pickup Lace Sensor in my 80s Strat, but they did not die on the sound I like. I have tried other vintage style pickups, including Gilmour uses.¬†

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