David Gilmour Black Strat Wiring



The guitar has gone through many changes over the years with different necks, pickups and custom features. Years changed though and by the mid 80s David had replaced all his guitars with Fender’s new line of 1957 reissues. The Black Strat was donated to Hard Rock Café were it was on display until 1997. In 2005 Pink Floyd reunited for a last time at the Live 8 show in London’s Hyde Park and the Black Strat made its triumphant return. It’s been David’s main guitar ever since.

The Black Strat – original specs
– Fender 1968-69 alder body with black finish painted over the original sunburst finish.
– Fender late 60’s maple neck with large headstock and 21 frets.
– Fender late 60’s single coil pickups.
– Fender F-style tuning machines.
– 3-ply white pickguard.
– 3-way pickup selector.
– Fender synchronized tremolo bridge with normal size arm.

The Black Strat – current specs
– Fender 1969 alder body with black finish repainted over the original sunburst finish.
– Fender 1983 ‘57 reissue C shape maple neck with maple 7.25″ radius fingerboard and 21 vintage style frets.
– Fender/Gotho vintage style tuning machines.
– 1-ply .120” beveled black acrylic, 11 hole pickguard.
– Fender neck and middle pickups dated 1971 (installed the whole pickguard assembly from a ‘71 bullet truss rod Strat in June 1973) and a Seymour Duncan custom wound SSL-1C bridge pickup (installed late 1979).
– Fender synchronized tremolo bridge (the original bridge re-fitted in 1997).
– 5-way pickup selector (replacing the original 3-way in 1985).
– Custom mini-toggle switch on the pickguard for neck/bridge combo.
– Shortened tremolo arm to 4.25″

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