David Gilmour Blues Guitar Series


With a number one album, a tour of the hochkar term stage and non-stop radio broadcast, Pink Floyd seem to be everywhere – and oddly enough never .

in a time, MTV appearances and insightful magazine interviews are de rigueur for rock stars on the brand, members of the media at bay Floyd methodically kept. You will find plastered on the cover of Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly their cups. Do not expect to find them on Letterman anytime soon. In fact, if you Zuf Totally lucky to be scalping tickets to their sold-out concerts, k Can you also miss her on stage, is enveloped by the production of modern stage, leading the band to float their songs, w While through clouds It would be covered dry ice and Group Head Laser technology.And David Gilmour no different.

Sport a Crew Cut fra dressed in black and sorgf ltig pressed Che k might deposit guitarist / S nger easy for one of the hottest aging, st dtischen professionals who are part of his audience over. “I can not tell you how happy I am about accidents caused and made the decisions I where I can sing what I want, because it paid very well and to live in a position as a human normal” Gilmour said with visible relief: “This is the best of all worlds resembled .

“Sometimes I again ois this kind of au ork rperliche experience when I’m on stage, in front of maybe 60,000 people. I see myself, thinking, “God, how the hell did that happen Part of my brain is fully focused on the implementation, and the other part is elsewhere and thought ” This is au ergew is similar – but how happy I am” .

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