David Gilmour Strat Bridge

I have been reading a lot recently about Fender’s impending release of a replica DG Strat. As it will probably cost an arm, a leg and six feet of small intestine I have decide to build my own. I ordered a neck from a local shop and am currently hunting around for a body. A scratchplate arrived and was wrong; I threw a tantrum in the shop and kicked the sales guy in the arse and made him get me the correct one. I already possess a rather groovy Hendrix strap just like DG’s. The guy who restored his made it for me and I’m quite pleased with it.
I plan to get a Welshman to wind me pickups to the correct specs; the bridge on the real one is a Seymour Duncan so that’s no problem either.

Anyway, I’ve got some of the parts and can get more no problem. I do have a question, however. David’s Strat has a small toggle switch fitted roughly halfway between the volume knob and the pickup selector. Whilst toggle switches are easy to obtain I would like to get one just like the real thing. Does anybody know how or where I could get my hands on one?

The Black Strat book has no info whatsoever on this – it doesn’t even show how the switch is wired though I can figure this out for myself as I am a genius and devilishly handsome as well.

Any help on this small matter will be greatly appreciated. I might even open a bottle or two and drink a toast to you all.:thu:

“Now you’ve opened a whole shitload of pain on everyone here, with all your black pudding insaneness.” – Zygoat2

“I’m excited. Nothing turns chicks on more than a fat guy with a flying V playing Monkees songs!” – Sydfan

“Fuck you and your pseudo toaster.” – Silas Dean

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