Build Your Own David Gilmour Strat

TIP: people want to grow old white plastic em, here are some tips that work wonders. 1) Rub brown shoe polish on your pieces and dry them; it is the plastic easily stain and leave a beautiful NEN vintage look. 2) Cook your plastic parts (be careful not to melt / distort) in tea. Para t odd, but that’s what Seymour Duncan his pers Nlichen microphones. Since my pieces were all getting older, and SSL-5 cover not k Can you make a purchase it or age plastic. I have shoe polish looks on my own, and it is beautiful N.

Well, I’m glad you enjoy en, and I thank you for sharing. I’m still waiting on Sweetwater to get one. They had a little and they flew disk before me. To a test But really, I love my Black Beauty! This is balanced. Looks like a guitar US $ 3000, and more importantly, plays and sounds like. Thanks again for the review of the David microphones, I was curious to h Ren what you had to say about them.

Hi Bj Rn! I was just wondering the other day if you already tried Gilmour Strat or when you go. I like the fa She stated everything very well and for me it looks like a good guitar, but I’ve said a thousand times and I repeat, this guitar is great , but it will never be as good as you watch or play as well as you the guitar for about 8 years played. It is a known fact, and it is for me.

This is off topic, but I remember to tell you where to get a pickguard as David. Well, I contacted a Custom Shop acrylic and ore HLTE me they could do an all-black pickguard in any Gr e or color, as long as you sent them to have to go with,! I’m really happy to me, and I will tell you more about it when I get it. Keep up the good work and God bless! 

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