David Gilmour Strat Builder

c Back of the pickguard with custom mini switch stainless steel mounting bracket slides into the position / location as it is assembled and with the Volume correction And sound are mounted potentiometer. After the construction of mini-switch panel mounting all edge switches were cleaned / grinding all edges and corners by filing and landed B Ll projection, which produces the dull, flat and smooth.  I chose to use stainless steel for this installment is the rigidity and the F Ability to stay clean and will not rust or oxidize over time as the iron steel is taken. E Bl Besides, I had some great straighteners, this steel material stainless steel in the shop of an unprecedented project report (Dunkelkammerk Body). The thickness of the disk is 0.030 “, the heads of each of the two Befestigungskn to erm always plenty son by the pickguard for proper mounting with fixing nuts without versions of the long shaft potentiometers forth glicht ,The above photo first mini- Switch flush mounted rocker that I made, and it was after the final sanding and dep t from around Now I’ve polish with a buffer instead blasted. ball projection, the end result is not as gray matte and flat in appearance, they now have a beautiful NEN gloss.

Close up of the top of the pickguard strength only after installing the Volume And tone knobs to sink 5-way pickup selector switch and the Mini. & Nbsp; It should be noted that the very small amount of space on the left side of the toggle switch in the region of the toggle lever and the edge of the slot (about 0.030 “) is the same on the c the same amount of space side opposite to when the toggle switch in the position or to the right, as in the photo above & returned nbsp;. This space is ideal for keeping at home for your flip extend through at it’s smallest size em possible and shall enable full throw from rocker without touching the pickguard when the switch is closed either on or off retail position.Close-up control electronics of the pickup according to the wiring & nbsp;.

All compounds were for with 22 AWG hook with RG174 / U coaxial cable mini main driver for the audio output jack the Volume rkeregelung that provides made a central shielded audio cables & nbsp;. For the Seymour Duncan SSL-5 in phase with the Fender pickups if all Selected hlten SSL-5 must be connected in reverse order, the black wire SSL-5 provides a connection to the switch and SSL -5 wei s cable to connect to the ground (if you use all Fender Pickups and cable machine, the same thing with the white s son connecting to the switch 5 senses and black son to the earth).The two empty tone controls have their own 225 series polyester Sprague 0.022 uF capacitor 100 Volt sound.

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