David Gilmour Strat Buy


Body – Solid alder (black)
Neck – Maple compound radius neck for improved intonation, bendability, and lower action.
Pickups – Seymour Duncan SSL-5 (bridge), Frender® Custom Shop 69′ (mid), Fender® Custom Shop FAT 50’s (neck)
Electronics – Fender® pots, 5-way switch+ Gilmour recessed “Magic Switch”, cloth wire, Fender® knobs
Tremelo – Vintage Fender® tremelo with Gilmour shortened tremelo arm
Tuners  – Fender® vintage style tuners
Case – Black hardshell duluxe case
Setup – Professionally setup for string height & intonation
Fender® sells the David Gilmour Signature Series “Black Strat” for around $4000.  This custom replica that I have constructed is made from similar materials and contains all the same electronics (including “magic switch”) as the real deal.  Played side by side you would be hard pressed to hear or feel any difference between the two.  Why can I offer mine for nearly one quarter the cost?  The simple answer is that Fender® knows with Gilmour’s name attached to it they can get a premium price.
The guitar is available to be shown in the greater Burlington area by appointment.  Please contact me at arrousseau@gmail.com for more information.
Other custom guitars – If you are interested in having a custom guitar built to your exact specification there are a wide variety of options available.  Please contact me at the address above

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