David Gilmour Strat By Fender

I plan to replace the capacitor 0.01 uF your neck from the neck pickup has less rolling off the high frequencies. & Nbsp; It is still a bit experimental at the moment, but I think these two sound capacitor values would suit me well, must au him OUTSIDE, new & nbsp !; I have the tone potentiometer connections for the 5-way switch We have used old and distinct tone of both the bridge and middle pickup and controls separate the tone for the neck pickup. & Nbsp; To serve the old tone for the bridge pickup, you will receive a jumper across the two most inland terminals on the 5-way switch on the side where the connections of two Connect tone controls (as described below to install the wiring diagram). & Nbsp; I have a H Hen bypass filter on the Volume Rkeregler order to maintain the high frequencies when change the volume Back.

, make the wiring diagram with mini-toggle switch to the neck pickup. & Nbsp; When the toggle switch mini low (see the guitar in playing position) of the neck pickup is parallel with each plug (s) with the 5-way pickup selector Selected Hlt enabled. & Nbsp; If the 5-way pickup selector in position 5 (bridge) and mini-switch down (on) both neck and bridge pickups are parallel to each other T tig. If the 5-way pickup selector switch in position 4 (bridge and middle) and mini-switch down (up) and all three pickups (neck, middle and bridge) in parallel with each other T tig. & Nbsp; In the 3, 2 and 1 of the pickup selector switch 5 position is no reason to use the mini-toggle switch (activation), because the 5-way pickup selector switch offers choice remainder pickup. & Nbsp; Note the small tab on the pickup selector 5-way of the innermost connections on the side where the son of the two control The tone link connects to the 5-way switch. & Nbsp; This makes Glicht serve the old sound of both the bridge and middle pickups.

Each serve the old sound in the diagram above has its own 0022 uF capacitor. & Nbsp; But by installing different control capacitors The tone on each tone knob that you vary the H He obscuring your tone on how you turn the tone control down. & Nbsp; With values such as 0.047 uF you lose H Hen sound pretty quickly, with values such as 0.01 uF you lose H Hen slowly transform disadvantages The tone down. & Nbsp; Since the bridge pickup is designed to provide a brighter sounding pickup meters Want perhaps a subtle H He used the old sound with a 0.01 uF be capacitor, w Re the more rotary tone controls before the high treble roll off let this w re be a less sensitive setting.

This is not just a replica circuit diagram “The” Black Strat but performs exactly the same features with the addition of some useful improvements. & Nbsp; This is not the diagram, we offer our “Black Strat kit parts, assemblies or installation Rocker Tr Ger”. & Nbsp; You are unique and original. 

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