David Gilmour Strat Collection

I could not help but excited and my heart jumped when I entered the room and saw the guitar on the wall. Although I tried to do my best, my Strat look as close as Resembled to David, there is something up before the real deal … almost. It’s a beautiful guitar ne! It is very easy and the balance between the alder body and maple neck is perfect and not tip anyway. The nitrocellulose finish the maple neck was surprisingly dark and deep black pickguard makes a beautiful NEN contrast with the black K Body and slightly aged pickup covers and control keys. The alder body has a warm and pleasant T ne And dense guitar looks great playing only acoustic. Personally I prefer lime for a little more brightness and punch, but alder’ll might give you a more versatile and honest general tone.

What I noticed after drooling at the outdoor enseite is that the configuration was. Cables and microphones were well balanced and it was very easy to play. It does not actually a great role, as you would have adjustments, but it’s always beautiful n, just pick up a guitar and get that instant “wow!” Feeling. The second thing I noticed is that the surface Che of the neck is very sticky. I think it is Nitrocellulose lacquer, and this ultimately borne (I have not much experience with nitro), but I thought it was the slow unnesseceraly neck and was difficult to play. Personally I prefer the Vf WAVY my neck and Cf Shaped 7.25 “felt like a baseball racket. The tremolo arm was surprisingly short, and I wondered why David prefer. The owner of the guitar and I agreed that its too short and I would replace it with a 5 1/4 “.

The pickups I was s R was particularly excited to try the microphones and Seymour Duncan SSL-five bridge everything it promises to be. Incredibly warm and fat with high enough to cut through well. I found myself from ear to ear L smile and be very happy that you have been waiting in bed at home just waiting to be used! In comparison to the 69S SSL 5 has a somewhat h Here performance and a bottom end n Forth. The FAT 50 is most similar to 69s with a sound a little hollow and not as much bass. When I click on the driver tube, I immediately The Blue – nen my favorite track at the start and the beautiful nsten T of David. But again, not much difference in the 69s. The middle pickup was a disappoint deception, and it is only my impression of some of the rhythm T ne best of David on the last tour taken – Muddy and without impact. I would definitely choose w 69 above. 

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