David Gilmour Cover

which Shown In a photograph complete guitar is installed for illustrative purposes only and represents our entire set of black pickguard Strat as in this guitar. stratcat.biz/4054.shtml

For a limited time we offer the DiMarzio FS-1 pickup for the bridge pickup position is to be as used for those wishing to replicate the sound of Gilmour beginning of 1976 until the end of 1979 in recording and touring the Animals album, the recording of the album and the retention wall 1978 solo album Gilmour. More details below exclusive Overdrive Custom Guitar Works.

We Seymour Duncan Custom Shop hand Scatter Wound SSL 1C DG original recording and we also have a unique version of the SSL-1C DG van in reverse polarity T version (RP) that you two pickup selector positions hum canceling F abilities If the bridge and Selected middle pickups hlt, or when all the bridges and neck pickups are Selected via the built-in mini-toggle switch hlt. With SSL 1C DG RP (reverse polarity) there is no difference in tone, power, harmonics or maintain only a hum-canceling modern improvement over SSL 1C DG original pickup. See details below.

Black Strat Electronics Analys is Do not forget to check our detailed technical report we both electronic and NOS Relic Fender Custom Shop Strat Black Gilmour against our habit black pickguard assembly of electronic Strat read. Read the full article here. 

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