David Gilmour Strat Custom Shop

In 1970, after his stolen guitar Gilmour went to another Strat much like he would take a few weeks before the incident had bought and wrapped amp with a 69er &; Nbsp; Stratocaster, which initially Grows pushing a sunburst finish, but was HUF in black with Musikgesch, where the guitar repainted bought. Black Strat David made his way on stage with Pink Floyd at the Bath Festival in 1970 and quickly became the backbone of its unique and distinctive Pink Floyd, before a number of e gr containment Floyd albums in Lich page, Dark of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, animals and the wall.

Although Gilmour Black Strat has many Ver Changes over the years endured Ver (alternating between microphones, updating equipment, switching between the neck, rosewood and maple, and stop for a very short period XLR connector to the procedure hum when installed to an end at high gain fuzz used), but David decided with the original neck and middle pickups stick to an increase in production Seymour Duncan bridge.

This Strat is with pride at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas for almost 20 years until 2005, when Gilmour w HLTE his old friend back to his reunion tour with Pink Floyd and Solo Tour & amp; Nbsp; On it a year later Ter Ter. Thanks for the close cooperation between Gilmour and Phil Taylor guitar technique have professional luthier Fender Custom Shop is a perfect way of the most memorable in every instrument Gilmour Signature Details David Gilmour Stratocaster with NOS– instantly recognizable voice, the look and feel of the coveted Black Strat.

Like the original, the alder body with a black coating NOS (New Old Stock) is closed under which this black Strat looks like a brand new guitar, right what he did when he bought Air Gilmour ago 40 years. Although David alternated back and fourth between the neck, rosewood and maple keys on the signature Stratocaster David Gilmour reflects the change in the current neck Ver early 80s (which is always on the guitar today); Maple neck carved from one piece 83 Thin profile Schulterschr Ge style “C” go Mouse Vintage 21 frets and black dot inlays. 

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