Dave Gilmour Strat Guitar

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First, here is a bit of history about the Black Strat. David Gilmour bought this guitar from the famous Manny’s Music store in New York City in 1970 as a replacement for several guitars which were stolen just six weeks prior while touring with Pink Floyd, including David’s first black Stratocaster. This replacement was a late ’60s model strat with a factory black finish painted over the original sunburst factory finish, with an alder body, and 21 fret maple neck. The guitar became David’s main working strat and has been extensively modified over the years. It has been fitted and altered with seven different necks, different pickups, electronics, knobs, tremolo systems, and pick guards, amongst other changes. Gilmour used this on some of Pink Floyd’s most famous recordings, including: Meddle, Live at Pompei, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, David Gilmour, The Wall, the Final Cut, and About Face.

In 1986 after sixteen years of hard use, David retired the Black Strat and it was loaned to the Hard Rock Cafe for display. In 1997 David recovered the guitar, which saw much abuse while on display, and had it repaired and set up to make it a playable guitar once again. He used it for the Live 8 Pink Floyd reunion in 2005 and as his main working guitar for his On an Island solo album and tour, featured in the Remember that Night and Live in Gdansk DVDs and CDs.At the time I write this David is using one of Jimi Hendrix’s famous leather guitar straps on the Black Strat, a gift from his wife Polly for his 60th birthday. The strap that held the guitar that played Voodoo Chile holding the guitar that played Comfortably Numb. How cool is that? It does not get any cooler.

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