David Gilmore Strat

Stacked humbuckers will give you waaaayyyy too fat and thick of a tone. Similar to a real humbucker but not that much.. Although David’s strat pickup is overwound, it is still quite thin compared to any humbucker whether stacked or not.
Thus, I strongly suggest you look at some lace sensor pickups. They have overwound fatter sounding single coils without being too fat, and they use better technology which equates to almost no hum at all. I have them and they do gilmour great! No hum. This is because they use 32 small magnets instead of 6 big ones so your tone is more equal wi no hum.
Also, if your budget can afford, EMG has a David gilmour signature set called the DG20. David gilmour uses these in his red strat which gave him that beautiful comforrtably numb solo tone. That’s literally the closest you can get to his tone without stealing his strat and gear. May I suggest that a tube amp such as a fender blues junior gives great gilmour tone. He even has one himself and it could be possible that he used it to record some songs.

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