David gilmour acoustic guitar


I was a little bummed out by david gilmour acoustic guitar. The Overdrive loaded pickguard seems just as nice as this david gilmour acoustic guitar, and those pups are Custom Shop pups!!!

BUT believe david gilmour acoustic guitar or not the pups in the relic DO sound better than the Overdrive loaded pickguard. Maybe it’s just me, that I am awed about finally having this guitar, but they do sound better, and I have been playing with the Overdrive loaded pickguard for the last two years.

A new USA neck, pick guard, and stock pickups were purchased from a small guitar shop who pulled them from a damaged body. These were fitted on the old body and the original tremolo was cleaned and refitted. The Strat remained in that configuration until 2004 when the electronics were replaced with an all-black version of the EMG DG-20 signature set in david gilmour acoustic guitar. In mid-2012, the body was repainted a glossy black and the electronics swapped for the Overdrive Custom Guitar Works Black Strat setup. This david gilmour acoustic guitar includes a custom 1-ply 0.120″ rounded black pick guard, Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s (neck), Fender Custom Shop Custom ’69 (middle), and Seymour Duncan Custom SSL-1C DG hand-scatter-wound (bridge) pickup, with a recessed mini-toggle switch which allows the bridge and neck pickups to select together. You can see it on the far right in the picture above.


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