David Gilmour Black Strat Book

David Gilmour Black Strat Book  which is a handful of guitars that way ONED the sound of rock music and even in rock history with their characteristic colors. Legendary “Black Strat” David Gilmour a high priority within the wt Hlten Instruments company. It was the ax that the Pink Floyd guitarist on Dark Side of the Moon exercised, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall, and his three solo studio albums. The guitar was also with him in Hyde Park London 2005 Pink Floyd reunion at Live 8

Now coming David Gilmour everywhere k Can own a piece of the legend. New Signature Stratocaster Fender David Gilmour series has been carefully ltig modeled after the Black Strat origin. As usual with Signature Fender models, it will be a high-end, so close she hangs the Relic version of the device Ts and an affordable NOS (New Old Stock) version.

The Strat was nothing special when Gilmour bought at Manny’s Music in New York in 1970, only one off-the-shelf Sixties Stratocaster. Gilmour, are in a hurry, a Strat that w While stolen a tour of Pink Floyd US to replace. The guitar was originally a Sunburst finish, but it was sprayed with black paint in the factory as a custom finish. Relic version of Gilmour Signature Strat reproduces this detail alder body has sprayed black paint on a Three-color Sunburst finish. The NSA has just released a black sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer on an alder body. 

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