David gilmour guitar solo


Rather than satin I wanted vintage tint david gilmour guitar solo in gloss.  The neckof david gilmour guitar solo came in the first week of February, 2013 and was fitted on.  I also decided to upgrade the tremolo bridge while I was at it.  This Strat has always had the original trem assembly that came with it (and went through the fire). david gilmour guitar solo was nothing overtly wrong with the assembly, but it was rather old and showed some mild distress from the fire recovery.  But, it was time for an upgrade, so I ordered a new Callaham Vintage S Model bridge assembly.  Because the bridge mounting is the Fender Mexican standard pattern is 2 1/16″ (slightly more narrow than the traditional vintage pattern), I selected the Narrow model from Callaham (their site notes that the narrow model is limited production).  The assembly is exactly the same as the Vintage S Model but for the narrow saddles and mounting patterns.  The system of solo gilmour comes with Callaham’s improved and enhanced block, virtual pop-in tremolo arm slot, vintage-style (but improved) CG string saddles, and all new claw and springs.  This setup of solo gilmour is a replica of the pre-CBS Fender bridge but the enhanced block provides additional sustain, bottom end, and attack.

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