David gilmour strat guitar for sale

David Gilmour’s 66th birthday. After joiningPink Floyd in 1968, he carved out a body of work that has made him one of the most popular and renowned guitarists of all-time like david gilmour strat. Here are five of his most memorable solos.

TDPRI used david gilmour strat that I liked, so I thought I’d bring david gilmour strat over here because I’m unoriginal and a post thief. What are some of your favorite photos involving Strats, either that you’ve taken or that you’ve come across? I’ll kick it off with my favorite ad that I’m sure everyone has already seen


that they did not use cloth wiring.

And the pups, are not marked custom shop? Why??

Initials by AY would have been nice.

I was a little bummed out by david gilmour strat. The Overdrive loaded pickguard seems just as nice as this, and those pups are Custom Shop pups!!!

BUT believe david gilmour strat or not the pups in the relic DO sound better than the Overdrive loaded pickguard. Maybe it’s just me, that I am awed about finally having this guitar, but they do sound better, and I have been playing with the Overdrive loaded pickguard for the last two years. The pups in the relic are SWEET

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