David gilmour stratocaster for sale

The david gilmour stratocaster . My maindavid gilmour stratocaster is a black 1990 Fender Stratocaster MIM (right). I first got this guitar in around 1994 from a pawn shop. At that time, the body was Olympic White poplar body with an 11-hole, 3-layer white pick guard, stock pickups, and a 21-fret rosewood neck. In late 1998 I decided to change the paint job. I sanded off the original paint and proceeded to do a fairly piss-poor job of shooting the body with green Dupli-Color automotive paint. david gilmour stratocaster was an even paint job but the clear coat was shot thin and left somewhat flat. Nonetheless, the david gilmour stratocaster remained in this state until December of 2000 when a house fire completely demolished the electronics and the neck. The only reason any part of it survived, was that it was housed in a rather sturdy Road Runner case. The neck was completely unsalvageable and the pickups and pick guard were melted. I did what any guitarist would do with their first Strat (especially the one that saw you though some formative years) – I carefully removed the damaged parts and proceeded to sand away the charred top coat of paint on the body. It took some time, but it got back down to wood, which was still in good condition. Another go at re-painting brought the david gilmour stratocaster in a midnight blue. A new USA neck, pick guard, and stock pickups were purchased from a small guitar shop who pulled them from a damaged body. These were fitted on the old body and the original tremolo was cleaned and refitted. The Strat remained in that configuration until 2004 when the electronics were replaced with an all-black version of the EMG DG-20 signature set. In mid-2012, the body was repainted a glossy black and the electronics swapped for the Overdrive Custom Guitar Works Black david gilmour stratocaster setup. This setup includes a custom 1-ply 0.120″ rounded black pick guard, Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s (neck), Fender Custom Shop Custom ’69 (middle), and Seymour Duncan Custom SSL-1C DG hand-scatter-wound (bridge) pickup, with a recessed mini-toggle switch which allows the bridge and neck pickups to select together. You can see it on the far right in the picture above.

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