David gilmour tabs fender guitar


The live show of david gilmour guitar tabs at London’s Royal Albert Hall was filmed in High Definition by award-winning director David Mallet for DVD release. Entitled Remember That Night – Live At The Royal Albert Hall, it was released in Europe on Monday 17th September 2007 and the following day in North America, immediately hitting the No. 1 spot in many countries around the globe.

Remember That Night was released in the high-definition Blu-ray format in November 2007.

In May 2008, David was awarded david gilmour guitar tabs an ‘Ivor’ for Lifetime Achievement by the British Association of Composers and Songwriters.

In September 2008, Fender Guitars made available their david gilmour guitar tabs model, in two versions. The ‘Relic’ model david gilmour the fender™ replicates the wear on David’s own 30-year old, much-customised guitar, while the ‘New Old Stock’ model includes all the same custom parts but without the wear of david gilmour the fender.



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