David Gilmour Double Neck Guitar

In a week I’ll be in one part of the country where e is the big to get accommodated by my late brother Floyd books etc collection. As long as I will remember I was looking through this library to an image or other information that will help you k Can, arcane if only for my own curiosity. You are cordially invited me refreshing the memory sto S this subject in the n Next Friday, if you feel like it!

I can wait a few weeks to ren to h What is said on the Doubleneck in the book. But might find some of the fanatical fans Pink Floyd play a better picture of Gilmour. I love my Strat Doubleneck! It was a David guitar from a project spare parts to play in both the normal and slide guitar on the same instrument. The lower part of the neck had an h Heren proportion to the ropes into films. The guitar was w During the American spring tour 1972 used, but sp Ter his abandonedBefore Lap Steel stand it. He can play the% ^ & amp; * From there too !! 8) & nbsp; : Wink: I must say, this is the only picture I’ve found so far. It looks like a doubleneck.Seems as I read Somewhere too. have to wait until I return ois the book to find out. The books are already I was told by my Dealer locator said that the guitars are in store on 22 September, they should be be a few days tt shipping. : Wink:

erw The Wikipedia article on David Gilmour Hnt a Doubleneck Strat David um 1972 played in the research, I found evidence of black Doubleneck strat (two 6 strings, but set to one for operations slides) and even dead links on photos, I could not trace the image, Wei anyone know where you will find a picture of this guitar Supposedly this is Doubleneck in the book recently published on the history of exp Groaned “The Black Strat.” Can someone by what the book says the Doubleneck Thanks loads.

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