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I have not read all the comments, but I have enough to see that this confuses many guitarists who tries to read the effect Seagull fingertips up and I think I the problem to understand, h more common. I went to the store to buy a new wah as RMCIII I am 14 years old and must Teese for repair. I took my guitar to see if I. On the right track You see, vintage Strats not the old and serve connected to the bridge pickup behind the characters, but all modern Strats with the deep tone for controlled L in both the medium and small bridges. When I built my guitar, I insisted havinv wired vintage that does not mean the old tone on the bridge pup serve. A $ 65 GCB95 Cry Baby I caught a strat on the wall, and. I could not laugh, and instead of M we It sounded like something dead. I then plugged my hand Cymbaline DG Strat, and voila, the perfect two seconds I had. I might k Be wrong, but it seems that so many people can not seem k To do it right, with the same wah I think my test decrypts it. To evaluate the effect petfect to get Seagull laughter, guitar should not only classic microphones, but must be wired as a true vintage Strat, knibs controlled with the sound L neck and bridge pick ups only!

I hope this ends the problem others have had, because I was surprised at how easily k I might just sound with nothing to do but the wah plugged into a Blackstar, with some OD.
Peace, Love and Gilmourish Keith

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