Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Stratocaster

Before we build each set of pick guard, we test each component to ensure that they are within specified tolerances and perfect it works. After each group is built by pickguard then completely Constantly tested as a complete unit to properly s operation of the fa wt Hrleisten We know 100% sure it works perfectly when you install it in your guitar. Completeness Quantcast final assembly and component test results are included with each set of pickguard.

All details and descriptions of each Montagem Possibility pickguard below.The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SSL 1C DG pickup is wound stray hand the same as original SSL 1C of David with the same wire winding and abgeschr Gte Alnico 5 per Room them. This pickup has a high efficiency, sustain and Obert ne Much like an SSL-5 with an average nominal DC resistance of 12.9k. To choose this pickup for installation in your event recl, You will be asked in the selection drop-down menu for the bridge pickup, go Ren “add-on” option number 2, which has an up charge of $ be 75.00 , & Nbsp; This is a very special pick-up can be found nowhere else, except it in the original Black Gilmour Strat or a Fender Custom Shop Strat Gilmour Black.

The SSL-1C DG original collection is now in version reverse polarity (RP), if the bridge and neck pickups Selected Hlt be to buzz you abort when average capacity T bridges and pickups are jointly and wt hlt with mini-toggle switch retreat. There will be installed to $ 75.00 for the SSL micro-1C DG RP (reverse polarity), and in particular it requires “Add On” Option # 1 among Hauptauswahlm Possibilities pick guard. 

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