Fender David Gilmour Best Guitar Solo

If you like thisĀ Fender David Gilmour Best Guitar Solo, you can make it in our custom shop and we can make you a perfect guitar in a short time. The important thin you concerned is the price is lower than other shop.

David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster Fender Guitar Custom Shop has an alder body, black or black and tri-color sunburst finish, a black pickguard, one-piece handle right over maple, microphones custom, and Gilmour now famous electronics and shortened vintage tremolo arm.The cornerstone of his revolutionary incomparably Pink Floyd, david gilmour guitar amp settings black stratĀ is also largely on Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and his critically acclaimed 2006 solo effort on a the. The Fender Custom Shop worked hand in hand with Gilmour and his longtime guitar technician, Phil Taylor, to create this signature model instrument, detailed reproduction of the Black Strat-complete in its unmistakable look, sound, and feel.

The commet of customers:

I love this guitar. It feels good. If its feels like it, I understand why David Gilmour loves her. I love the sound it makes with the treble boost circuit. It does not seem the same as any of my other Strats. The guitar was not cheap, but I consider it a good value.

I had this guitar a few days ago …. the first thing I Didi with her when I got back was playing some Pink Floyd. Lemme tell you, Comfortably Numb solos never sounded sweeter! I love this guitar.

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