Fender David Gilmour Double Neck Guitar

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David Jon Gilmour was born March 6, 1946 in Cambridge, England Its the parents encouraged at an early age to develop skills in music, and played a large r In the subsequent development of David as an artist. He first started gaining interest in the guitar when he started listening to records by Elvis Presley and Everly Brothers. Can not buy his own david gilmour guitar diagramĀ guitar, he borrowed one from a neighbor and began practicing with a book and record set by Pete Seeger.

In 1962 David met Syd Barrett at the Technical College in Cambridge. That same year he joined his first band called “Jokers Wild” with whom he recorded an album, but only fifty copies were made. In August 1965 David t, Syd and some other guys went traveling around Europe, occasionally performing in small pubs. David finally returned to France in 1967 and formed another group originally named “Flowers”, but soon be renamed “Bullitt” .They were not particularly successful, and continued to play mostly covers of popular songs in time. Pink Floyd was formed in 1965, but David did not join the group until 1967 as the fifth member to c aside Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright. In addition to his work with Pink Floyd, David worked as a producer for various artists and has had a successful career as a solo artist. He was also actively involved in several charities during his career why hes been awarded Order of the British Empire.

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