Fender David Gilmour Echoes Guitar Effects

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I’ve waited years for this guitar to be released and its finally here. Not only this guitar looks amazing, but it plays like heaven. The neck is fast and smooth and microphones will give you all tone pink floyd more I scratched the surface of the possibilities of beauty. If it comes with is also top notch with a custom logo stitched with nearly two feet of storage space. The finish is amazing, I NOS and could not be happier. Sorry if this review is kind of short, random but I really could not list all the great things abut this strat. Bottom Line If you like Pink Floyd, music, and the quality of their is no better guitar.

Suffice it to say, this guitar rocks. The sound capabilities are incredible. I used the EMG DG-20 before it will actually replicate his sound to the tee! I can not say enough that thing. That being said, if you really want to collect because it is an exact replica of Gilmour, buy OUR release. Looking back, and if I could do it all over agin, I would have gone down this road, and I’m someone who thinks David is divine. Whether you are a Gilmour advid, or lover Strat advid is your guitar!

I bought this guitar vibrations, usually a guitar made to model a real superstars lack quality. But this guitar has a real clarity and tone, a full-bodied sound that was a pleasure to hear every night I play. Neck welcomes hand beautifully. The different pickups add so much Varity, usable sounds that are bright and vivid when needed or mellow and moody when desired. I am so happy with this guitar as my other guitars are now under the dust. There are certainly shades Gilmourish be found in the set-up. If the quality and clarity of the famous Fender is important for you not to miss this amazing achievment produced by the best in the business. I highly recommend investing in this county d’oeuvres musical … I’ll play until I die! … Love it!

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