Fender David Gilmour Flat Guitar

If you are looking for this Fender David Gilmour Flat Guitar, you can make this guitar in our custom shop. There is high quality and reasonable price, and we have many years experience of building this guitars. Order it with confidence.

Most famous guitar David his black Strat. This is the guitar you hear on classic Pink Floyd albums of the seventies and early eighties.Changes to the guitar include a tremolo arm shortened, internal shielding and a small recessed switch that adds the neck pickup to any selected configuration.Over the years, David and his tech Phil Taylor made other changes that have been finally decided against- for example, installing a Kahler tremolo, adding a humbucker between two microphones, and installation of an XLR jack. These changes were reversed with degrees of cosmetic varying success.These days, you can have an incredibly accurate replica of this david gilmour guitar rig 5 preset¬†guitar, buying Signature Stratocaster Fender David Gilmour. It includes all the wear and any questionable repair work – but if that’s not your style, they also make a guitar the same spec but as new (NSA – “New Old Stock”).

The neck and bridge are on the black Strat pickups that came with the guitar, but the bridge pickup is a custom pickup that rolled especially for David Seymour, an overwound version of SSL-1. The recovery of this david gilmour guitar rig preset guitar has been called a “SSL-1C” (with permanent measure C), but the microphone is finally put into production as SSL-5. Put the SSL-5 in your guitar is a surefire way to make a step towards Gilmour sound. In fact, even if you are not chasing her tone, it’s a great pick-up in its own right that everyone should try. If you want flat pole pieces for rays modern twist then you should go for SSL-6, or if you like a silent pickup, STK-S6 is version Stack Plus.



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