Fender David Gilmour Guitar Gear

Are you looking forĀ Fender David Gilmour Guitar Gear? We are a professional custom shop and we are very glad to help you to make thisĀ guitar. In our custom shop, there is highest quality and shorter building time, what is more, the price is cheaper than other shop.

David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster Fender Custom Shop has an alder body, black or black over three-color sunburst finish, a black pickguard, one-piece maple neck right to the wire, custom pickups and Gilmour now famous electronics and shortened vintage tremolo arm.

The cornerstone of its unparalleled revolutionary Pink Floyd, Gilmour Black Strat is featured extensively on The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and his critically acclaimed 2006 solo effort on a the. The Fender Custom Shop worked hand in hand with Gilmour and his longtime guitar technician, Phil Taylor, to create this signature model instrument, a detailed reproduction of the Black Sea Strat-complete in its unmistakable look, sound and feel .David Gilmour Signature Strat comes with a custom Fender guitar case, a cable upscale guitar evidence, three discs Live in Gdansk CD set / DVD Gilmour, and 2007 Phil Taylor’s book on the history of guitar, The Black Strat.

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