Fender David Gilmour Nos

Interested in Fender David Gilmour Nos? If you like it and want to order it , we are very glad to make it for you. We are a professional custom shop and we can have many years experience of building guitars so we can make you all kinds guitars according to your demands. Do not hesitated to order it.

The david gilmour guitar review :

I could not help but feel excited and my heart leapt when I walked in the room and I saw the guitar on the wall. Although I did my best to make my Strat look as close as possible to David there is something in front of the real deal standing … almost. This is a beautiful guitar! It is very light and the balance between the alder body and maple neck is perfect and does not flop anyhow. Nitrocellulose finish of the maple neck was surprisingly dark and deep black pickguard makes a nice contrast with the black body and the little old pickup covers and knobs. The alder body has a warm tone and nice tight and the guitar just sounds amazing acoustic playing. Personally, I prefer the lime for a little more brightness and punch alder but maybe will give you a more flexible and honest general tone.

What I first noticed after drooling over its exterior, is that the setup was spot on. The strings and the pickups were well balanced and I felt very easy to play. It does not really matter much as it would its own adjustments, but it’s always nice to pick up a guitar and get that instant “wow!” Feeling. The second thing that struck me is that the finish of the neck is very sticky. I guess it is to in nitrocellulose lacquer and it will be finally settled down (I do not have much experience with nitro) but I felt it made the unnesseceraly slow and difficult to play neck. Personally, I prefer the V-shaped neck and me in the form of C 7.25 “felt like a baseball bat. The tremolo arm was surprisingly short and I wonder why David prefers it. The owner of the guitar and I agreed that its too short and I would replace it with a 5 1/4 “.

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