Fender David Gilmour Strat Nos Review

David Gilmour Signature Strat sports a number of custom pickups repr Sentative of the current sensor configuration of the Black Strat, including a Custom Shop Fat 50s Strat single-coil pickup at the neck wound with a measurement of single-coil Strat pickup in the middle position imitation of the classic sound of the average original pickups and raw throat, rmeren with aw Seymour Duncan SSL-5 single coil in the bridge position the child of the van SSL1C pr sents in black Strat David. Before the beginning of the 80s you had two M Possibilities for better performance and w Warmer tone– either replace your single-coil humbuckers for or set at a lower production single-coil. at the request Gilmour, Seymour Duncan and developed and created a single coil pickup (the SSL1C) suitable for the Carrier’s promotion br To remain faithful Lante hot s lines a simple design true winding.

David Gilmour Signature Strat switch also has a collection improved 2 mini-way button, the independently the neck pickup Pendent of what the pick position are you will be involved so that you (with the Stratocaster) use a rare combination pickup with bridge and neck pickups used simultaneously expansive sound palette. The pickups are controls– out a volume of master with two independently-Dependent sound one for the neck pickup and one for the medium and is equipped with a modern pickup selector senses.

The nickel / chrome hardware on Signature Stratocaster David Gilmour is an incredibly accurate replication of the current hardware Black Strats, Including Lich synchronized tremolo American Vintage at the abgeschr GTEN custom tremolo block, a custom vintage tremolo arm link, a soap 4 bolt neck plate, a series of vintage-style tuners, lightly aged white covers en van / control keys and single-ply black pickguard.

A custom hard case is included with the purchase of your Signature Stratocaster Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour for the ultimate protection, this finely crafted guitar. In the bo included Animal is a Certificate of Authenticity, an audio cable for high-end guitar evidence personalized leather bracelet, a set of GHS Boomers DG, three slices of David Gilmour “Live in Gdansk” CD and DVD package, a copy of Phil Taylor “The Black Strat” Book (The first 500 copies sold includes limited edition signed by Phil), a polishing cloth and a pack of 4 Custom Shop options. 

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