Fender David Gilmour Strat Reviews

David also took the guitar on the recording of Paul McCartney “Back to the Egg” album and the song “We are glad to see you here.” The track was at Abbey Road with David and the Strat as part of the “Rockestra” Paul McCartney in 1979. The guitar was back on the set of videos of Brian Ferry used filmed “Is it like her very much strong.” In 1991, David and the Strat with Jeff Baxter filmed at Abbey Road for an impromptu jam.

For the 50th anniversary of the Stratocaster 2004 in Wembley Arena, it was for David to obtained the Strat on two of the three songs he hen w Exer in during the show – Back to life and Marooned (this was the second time Marooned was conducted, the first in Oslo, Norway in 1994 to the Division Bell tour). David took the Red 1983 Stratocaster on the third song, mourning.

There was a discussion about the origins of Strat # 0001 in 2004 on the Seymour Duncan forum to stir up some controversy seemed the. According to Seymour Duncan had two guitars with serial number # 0001 and the guitar of David is a “Frankenstein”, the different of several parts. Apparently, in 1976, a man named Richard Green Type Duncan wanted to repair his 1957 Strat. Duncan sent a K Body Charvel but he was too ersch Pft and full of scratches and he was replaced by a Related device and sprayed Feeder Totally transparent Root Beer. Neck was Phil Kubicki workers who refinished and Duncan with the neck of the “new” K Body and returned to Richard Green. The guitar has a serial number on the neck plate # 0001.

Later, Seymour got the original K Charvel body, struck a random neck 1957 he bought Phil Kubicki, injured 1,960 new replica pickups and Phil Taylor sold. This guitar also has a serial number on the neck plate # 0001.

To summarize, according to Seymour Duncan, # 0001 Stratocaster David has an ash body with 1957 mint green light and a neck 1957 two separate guitars and microphones adapted 60s Duncan. Seymour also insists he will not be sold, but Alan Rogan Taylor (Pete Towns long guitar technology), which then sells it to Phil. The neck h Tte one in 1954, but Seymour remembers that he had a ’57 neck with br Kitchen of cigarettes directly from the mother, the David indeed. 


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