Fender David Gilmour Strat

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The Black Strat was principal axis Gilmour for four successful albums which form the climax of the career of Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall. Gilmour played the instrument to Floyd countless concerts over the years, including Live 8, and it was featured on three solo albums the guitarist at this time. Phil Taylor got to watch it all from a vantage point. It was Gilmour’s guitar technology since 1974, serving as head of the general equipment of Pink Floyd at different times. These days, Taylor also manages the studio Gilmour, recording Astoria, located in a houseboat on the Thames, and vast stockroom hardware Pink Floyd. With all this, he served as production manager for the last solo tour and Gilmour Live 8.

But the banality of the instrument is what makes the poignant story in a sort of fa Populist. It could have been someone’s guitar. It started as a 1969 Stratocaster, serial number 266936, which means it is time CBS-not the most desirable period in the history of Fender Fender. And indeed, Gilmour purchased the music of Manny in 1970, replacing a Strat stolen a few weeks tt in a holdup of the truck cleaned equipment Pink Floyd equipment. He was, in essence, an emergency purchase. In the years that followed, the guitar became the main battle horse of Gilmour. He took on the road with him, exchanged pickups and neck, and the holes in the body to adapt to various add-on devices. He once called her Bodge-up guitar that he hacked , for experiments.

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