Fender David Gilmour Strat Reviews


David Gilmour is pretty much my inspiration to play. Ever since I heard his music as a young teen. I only started playing a few years ago, but most of the songs I try to learn are floyd songs. I thank fender so much for making this gilmour strat relic. It looks great. it sounds unreal, and the custom shop did an unbelievable job with every detail of this stratocaster. If David Gilmour had final approval of a signature series after his black strat, is more than enough of a vouch for me.

Cant say I have the greatest things to say about fenders release of this strat. Was pushed off quite a few times and I actually saw it online at one of the music gear sites (Like 70 in stock) before I got mine that I pre-ordered from sam ash months before it was released.
But it was love at first site once mine actually arrived.

The Pink Floyd / David Gilmour songs I learned so so far are:

Mother (extended solo)
Time (complete song with solo)
Coming back to life (intro)
Echoes (rythm)
Comfortably Numb (Rythm and 1st solo)
Hey You (Solo)
Thin Ice (Rythm)

I will try to post all the pictures and video that I have of this guitar.

Here is me playing the mother extended solo

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