Fender stratocaster gilmour Guitar

If you like this Fender stratocaster gilmour Guitar, you can make it in our custom shop. There is shorter building time but the high qulaity. We use same wood to build guitars and the price is lower than other shop.

After playing several guitars for many years it became clear Fender Stratocaster were my favorites, and the guitars I played most often. They feel more comfortable and versatile sound. I liked the different elements of each of the wings I’ve owned over the years, but I really wanted one that had everything I like in a guitar. I love the colors Pink Floyd david gilmour guitar rig youtube , if I start to assemble a guitar on my own similar to those used pliers David in his famous black Strat. I studied guitar David Gilmour a little over the years, and although I think it is an excellent guitar work, but I decided to start one of my own preferences Strat pleased t that easy copy of David.

I always liked the look of Black Strat David – black body and black pickguard – and my first Strat david gilmour guitar drawings was all black, so I wanted to keep that look. I feel the “C” shaped neck strat better than the “V”. I also like the keenest I re feel and tone Ois the maple neck on my Fender Telecaster a little better than the darker rosewood handle resonance on my old 80s Strat more. I have decided my new Strat maple neck / sleeve. Gilmour has used both, but his black Strat now also has a maple neck with a C-shaped neck for microphones, I used survey bluesy SCN (Samarium Cobalt noisless – discontinued) pickups and gold lace sensors in the past, but I wanted to try some more vintage sounding neck and middle pickups and closer to what Gilmour uses hotter bridge. I loved the blues survey SCN neck pickup in my Strat Deluxe purple, and I reached a similar tone with the neck pickup neck Lace Sensor in my “80 strat, but they were not dead on the sound I want. I tried other vintage style pickups, including Gilmour used. 

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