Free David Gilmour Guitar Lessons

Free rock guitar lesson by Jody Worrell where we will learn a guitar lick in the style of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. This lick will touch on Gilmour’s economy of notes and also feature a tricky double bend. Jody will teach you how to play the lick note by note and demonstrate it over a jam track in the key of Bm. To learn more licks like this, check out our Free David Gilmour Guitar Lessons Package.

We consistently film, edit and publish around 11 hours of new guitar lessons every 30 days; an enormous amount of material to keep your playing focused and interests piqued. With new lessons added on a daily basis, you cannot find another company as dedicated to teaching you how to play guitar as JamPlay.In 1985, Roger Waters said that Pink Floyd was “a spent force creatively”. In 1986, David Gilmour announced that Waters had left the band and that he was taking control. Waters’ departure cleared the way for Wright to come back and contribute on the next record. Gilmour expressed his goals for that album:

“I had a number of problems with the direction of the band in our recent past, before Roger left. I thought the songs were very wordy and that, because the specific meanings of those words were so important, the music became a mere vehicle for lyrics, and not a very inspiring one. .. Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were so successful not just because of Roger’s contributions, but also because there was a better balance between the music and the lyrics than there has been in more recent albums. That’s what I’m trying to do with A Momentary Lapse of Reason; more focus on the music, restore the balance.”

Wright re-joined the band full time for the bands final studio album, 1994’s “The Division Bell”. David and Wright both felt that the newest album was the best effort since the 1975 release of “Wish You Were Here”. “Marooned”, a track from the album ,won a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

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