David Gilmour Strat Gold

The configuration of the pick guard Be festigungsl Holes on Vintage ’57 Stratocaster Reissue as this is the model 8 Holes, but we opted for installing the pick guard is the most authentic of the original Gilmour Black Strat is the first November Black hole 1 Ply 0.120 “& nbsp; rounded and polished acrylic pick guard edge with the addition of four Befestigungsl cher pick guard . with vintage pattern pick guard eight seven Holes of the eight mounting holes already line up perfectly with the 11 L Chern pick guard mounting template, there is only the need for a further 4 book, but there is a mounting hole pick guard in the 5-way switch region, in a small block of wood (1/4 “x 1/2”) must in the routing installation serve the old and the K body, so that the pick guard mounting screws to secure the ground, otherwise w re only skim the wall will serve the old Routing and not be sold. This is one of the Changes degrees K Body of the master routing on sp Tere model Strat K Body, 60 on the ground.

Remember, this is a 4 year old guitar that well supplied before Gilmour Black Strat adapted as a style, but has not been included, there will be some signs of wear his game at the first fret, but there is very little, there may be some minor errors in the target, but was not bad. There are some scratches on the neck of the chromium plating. The entire electronic pickguard was built 27 May 2011, making it brand new.

Us If you have any questions about this guitar even a call to 209-565-2112 or send us an email and we k Can discuss further.David black Gilmour Stratocaster is almost as legendary r as the people themselves. The guitar was introduced to some of the gr ten albums of all time and Pink Floyd classic songs such as money selling on the planet, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Comfortable Numb. Now, 40 years later, Fender per fentlicht a signature model and a guitarist every generation Change their guitars for a look and a Hnlichen sound. 

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