David Gilmour Strat Guitar


Custom Shop David Gilmour Strat Guitar  Fender 2008 has announced that it will make a Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster black. The technicians worked with both Gilmour and his guitar tech Phil Taylor, to create the Black Strat new. The final model has the latest Custom Shop. Can

Taylor is also the author of the book The Black Strat that all changes in the deep And includes modifications to the Black Strat, and its use on the Pink Floyd tours and albums.he Black Strat provided here k As a intersection between the NSA and the relic be considered. In the construction of these black Strat we have our Custom Shop Fender Strat RELIC Gilmour accurately reproduce for basis points to some of the features. We have the unique features of both and combined into one. With the NSA you have a beautiful ne guitar clean and new and with the RELIC you used and worn out guitar, but has some unique user-defined functions.

The Black Strat looks essentially a NSA because it’s not every fight, ges Umt, scratched and Changes completed for the tremolo XLR and Kahler, but it was something like green wei from the only holdover functions Annual custom lettered and numbered on the control button set where are easily Relic’d Pickup covers custom parchment that easily from the standard parchment shade and light Relic’d were old in color, the tip of the tip switch and tremolo arms are personalized parchment were a little more color in old age and some good Relic ‘d.

If you are familiar with the Fender Custom Shop Strat RELIC Gilmour, you will find that all the key and bring blankets are not the same color, and we adapted accessory that same pattern also. The button on the Fender Custom Shop Strat RELIC Gilmour are out of the box you aged white s with the color adjustments lettering and numbering in green and as Relic’d and pickup covers are slightly aged parchment color base color, but not ann mately as much as the white color years. 

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