David Gilmour Guitar Brand


Iconic ‘Black Strat Fender Stratocaster David Gilmour is an integral part of many songs by Pink Floyd. And after almost two years of rumors, Fender has best Taken, it shall be published as a model of the signing on 22 September 2008 Are ffentlicht, The Black Strat on many albums like Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon pr Sented, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. He also played an r Important in solo projects by David Gilmour, Including Lich LIMITATION without Restrict, His 2006 Number 1 album on It.

Gilmour said I told Fender that it’s just a wt Of similar Strat that I bought at (New York guitar store) Manny, but I must say they did a great job of recreating. “From wt similar to this type of aftershocks Fender has worked with Gilmour on his langj year’s guitar tech Phil Taylor to ensuring that the type accuracy Gilmour guitar tone To Win -. And that’s it, that is its archetype behind his guitar – was recently voted the greatest ever te days magazine.Guitarist guitarist Mick Taylor said: “To 2:37 in 1979 cut Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd, David Gilmour meets a handful of notes cement his symbiosis with the Fender Stratocaster. “This guitar was a time in the decision, but it’s great to see him with his name on a guitar Signature Series. Me Tres Strat with Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hank Marvin”

The Black Strat has the same maple neck, black pickguard, shortened tremolo arm and custom electronics. The original of Gilmour It comes in a black custom case (G & amp; G). With a central pocket, plush and green fodder Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Model “embroidery” I told Fender that it’s just a wt Of similar Strat that I bought at Manny, but I must say they have really good job of recreating. “David GilmourYou also get a copy of The Black Strat, the book by Phil Taylor wrote guitar technician, the history of the guitar tracks (originally purchased music Manny in New York in May 1970) plus GHS David Gilmour chain nes signature. You even get a cable Audio -Guitar Evidence (Gilmour of preferred brand), a Fender guitar strap luxury and a plectrum David Gilmour.

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