David Gilmour Strat Guitar Center


It’s been a long time since I tried the David Gilmour Strat Guitar Center  . There was a time when I tried new pickups for my main Strat and I was frankly very disappoint Uscht u by their sound. I opted for the Fender Custom Shop 54 and sp Ter the 69s with the bridge pickup Duncan SSL5. A configuration that is suitable for my style and superb taste. But after all these years, I thought it rafra his place to me Chir memory was. I installed the game on my new Fender Strat 62 ICJ, and gave him another blow.

In contrast to what one thinks of the DG20 David or specifications is designed. They come from 1979, when the EMG SA introduced. SA is a micro-coil Alnico 5 magnets single asset with internal shielding and a little h More performance than typical style single coils CS69 CS54 or as vintage. After several visits to St Rger NOISE and signal loss due to the growth platforms David in several of his new Fender American Vintage 57 Reissue Strats he install SA had bought in early 1984 (at once the cream / blonde and at least two red Candy apples).

It was also equipped guitars with SPC and EXG contr The active tone. Set in 1985, “created” in the Live Aid concert, where David played guitar with Bryan Ferry. Since then, the microphones on A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987), Delicate Sound of Thunder (1988), The Division Bell (1994), PULSE (1995), a A (2006) is used, remember that Night (2007) Live in Gdansk (2008) and countless performances and recordings.

let me emphasize that it is obviously unm Possible to give an objective view. I tried it hern to n As if I bought a new guitar in search of the features I like. Hopefully not too much from the fact that it is actually a David Gilmour Strat blinded. I tested the guitar on a Marshall R Hear head with cabinet Mesa 4 × 12 “and a set of all g Gilmourish-dependent pedals. 

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