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Sch Ner, powerful, unique, and so idiosyncratic as playing.Fender personalized Store View Gilmour all items of this brand The Signature Series Stratocaster David Gilmour Fender Custom Shop guitar features an alder body, black or black on Three-color Sunburst finish, a black pickguard, one-piece maple neck right wire, custom pickups and now-famous electronics Gilmour and shortened vintage tremolo arm.

The foundation for his revolution Re incomparably Pink Floyd, Gilmour Black Strat is also largely of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and his critically acclaimed 2006 solo on a it. The Fender Custom Shop worked hand in hand with Gilmour and his langj Year’s guitar technician, Phil Taylor, to create this signature model instrument, detailed reproduction of the Black Strata complete in its unmistakable look, sound and feel.

The David Gilmour Signature Strat Fender guitar comes with a custom case, a high-end guitar cable proof discs Live in Gdansk three game CD / DVD Gilmour and Phil Taylor’s 2007 book about the history of guitar, The Black Strat. Bought the relic release and this can best Strat sounds I’ve ever played. In general, I can not use the bridge pickup on my other Strats because they are a bit garish be k Can, but this is perfect. It is especially good when using the rocker switch and mix it with the neck pickup. I like the neck pickup and the ones I use the most. We are able to really tone Gilmour w choose ….. The neck is beautiful n and erm Glicht easy movement up and down the fretboard. I love this guitar. It feels good. When was his desire, I understand why David Gilmour loves them. I love the sound of the H Hen-boost circuit makes. It is not the same as all my other strats seem. The guitar was not cheap, but I think it is a good value.

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