Guitar David Gilmour Fender

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There was a discussion on the origins of Strat # 0001 in 2004 on the Seymour Duncan forum that seemed stir some controversy. According to Seymour Duncan, there were two guitars with serial number # 0001 and the guitar of David is a “Frankenstein” consisting of several different parts. Apparently, in 1976, a man named Richard Green guy wanted Duncan to repair his 1957 Strat. Duncan sent the body Charvel but he was too worn out and full of scratches and he was replaced by a similar body and sprayed randomly see-through root beer. Neck went to Phil Kubicki repairman who refinished and Duncan with the neck to the “new” body and returned to Richard Green. The guitar has a serial number # 0001 on neckplate.

Later, Seymour got the original body of Charvel, slapped on a random neck in 1957 he bought Phil Kubicki, hurt new 1960 replica pickups and sold to Phil Taylor. This guitar also has a serial number # 0001 on neckplate.So to summarize, according to Seymour Duncan, # 0001 Stratocaster David has an ash body with mint green 1957 light and a neck 1957, two separate guitars and microphones are customized ’60s Duncans. Seymour also insists he is not sold but Alan Rogan Taylor (Pete Townsend long Technology guitar), who then sold it to Phil. The neck could have been a 1954, but Seymour remembers that he had a ’57 neck with br Lures cigarettes just above the nut, which David indeed.

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