David Gilmour Guitar Equipment

I have a set Lace Sensor Hot Gold for the last two years can say about them in my black Strat and what I can, is that tey good pickups, but they are not the microphones Most Gilmourish. The Hot Gholds are good for more a more modern (though I ran across a video of Gilmour played a Strat responsible for LS Hot Golds, played report for an act without chance as he). Now I’m about to replace it Ant Close this through a series of Fender Southwestern for neck and middle and an SSL-5 bridge Lich the construction of the guitar that I umt sep of
Bjorn Excellent article! … So, I have a configuration in mind … the new edition of a Fender Classic Series 60 with a pickup Dimarzio FS-1 … I plan to build a replica version of the Black Strat ’77 … What do you think You Are there other things that I missed Thank you, Will.

[Thanks! It hangs on how much you spend m Want. The Classic Series pickups shares are OK and on the basis of the end of the 60s sound, but I recommend a few values manually as Fender CS69s or D Allen Voodoo 69. Wound spend I also recommend that you can exchange the series tremolo system with something better, how do you make the Callaham classic. It is much more stable, more stable operation and better support. These improvements you will take your guitar to a professional level. Good luck with the project, I was interested to know if you have Seymour Duncan Antiquity tried, and if so, what you thought of it. I am currently Surfers at the neck / middle of my G & amp mounted; The legacy, and I would like to add a personalized Hot Texas bridge in the bridge position set 

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