David Gilmour Guitar Face

The British Society arbiter Electronics in 1966 ver Ffentlicht, one of the most popular guitar effects of all time, the re Fuzz Face w. The simplicity of the circuit caused much discussion and traditions, but two transistors, three capacitors and a few resistors Nde always sounds as if by magic. Produced the first version of the 1966 ’68 had switched 275 germanium transistors and Dallas in 1969 to a little more based on silicon transistors NKT.

David uses the Fuzz Face David Gilmour Guitar Face┬áin the recording of his first album with Pink Floyd – Saucerful of Secrets and remained his unit fuzz / distortion principal until 1976, when he led the Big Muff and Pete Cornish P1. But the Fuzz Face in his plates until 1981 (then with BC109 silicon transistors) .In the early days, David uses the Fuzz Face both Hauptger T and overdrive by the strength Volume The guitar more / less profit. You are able to a soft setting Fuzz Face on songs like Cymbaline and Fat Old Sun to h Ren, w While Echoes, money and time has marked the FF sound.Instead set manually Feedb the cable To make pendent, it is a M possibility, I installed a switch like David wah pedal pedal Pets his board And it will go on a homemade wah wah (I have a wah-wah pedal DIY

David uses many different units seek Fuzz Face, as the chassis of the original gray / silver go Mmert and the classic red and blue. In the early days, before he Incoming his first pedal in 1973 that was just Fuzz Face lying on the floor with other pedals hangs. He also had a second unit with the slide guitar (guitar below) in 1974-1975, respectively.

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