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crybaby was all the way perfect. No Problem. Sounded exactly like Echoes and fear the e from my dog shit. Vox worked, except it that I did not get into the situation, the effect of laughter. Worked the feedback section and tone seemed perfect -. But dial tone knob down only reduces the Volume Rke back until he was silent

So if anyone concidering Keeley mods, but wanted to make sure she could still get the effect, there you have it. In addition, it is important incase of Vox, I ran a Fender Strat Eric Johnson – & gt; Wah – & gt; Analogman Dual Delay – & gt; Ernie Ball Jr 6180 volume – & gt; Clark ’59 Bassman clone. Note that the only thing is crazy with my setup the EJ Strat tone has two buttons and a volume. Perhaps the problem with Vox Might have K, but do not think that I had a reissue VOX V847 with all parameters set and two T Ne knobs.I’ve. I can see the overall effect au He get part.I’ve laghing with the delay Delay in the FX loop attempts (both series and paralel) and compared with the input of the amplifier Rkers (such as wah). I Triet with several configurations of different guitars and microphones. You can k do not understand what’s going on …
& Nbsp; Wah Wah
must first be placed in the chain and I recommend with vintage style pickups or at least individual coils (not the fortune, liabilities and humbucker work). The effect of laughter or tremolo sound appears when you t produced almost the tone knob at the bottom. You must be very careful care to do not rush. The effect should appear Be shortly before the death of the clay and you need to go very, very slowly.a

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