David Gilmour Guitar Gear Rig

David Gilmour is an English musician best known as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter in the band Pink Floyd. In addition to his work with Pink Floyd, Gilmour has also worked as a record producer for a variety of famous artists. We will show you equipment Gilmour either has reportedly used on his solo or Pink Floyd recordings, as well as on current or previous tours.Let’s look at what gear and equipment has been seen in Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Guitar Gear Rig.

Black Fender Stratocaster with black pickguard and white pickup covers and knobs, currently with a 1957 vintage re-issue maple neck. Check out the Fender Custom David Gilmour Signature Strat below. Red ’57 Fender Stratocaster reissue with a set of EMG active pickupsEMG EMG-DG20 David Gilmour Pre-Wired Pickguard and Pickup Set:
Cream coloured Fender Stratocaster ’57 reissue

– Fender Stratocaster ’57 Lake Placid Blue

– Double-neck Fender Stratocaster

– Blonde Fender Telecaster, sunburst tele, brown, blonde ash, and others

hi guys, some say Gilmour’s best tone ever was on 1988’s “Momentary Lapse of
Reason” album. Here’s his setup from then:

main guitars:
57 Fender strat with EMG active pickups
52 reissue Fender Telecaster
Martin D-35 acoustic

Bradshaw rack:

Mesa Boogie head used as tube overdrive
Pete Cornish imitation Big Muff
Boss cs-2 compressor
tc electronics 2290 delay
yamaha spx 90 chorus

output to 2 amps simulaneously:
fender “super tube” amp – doesn’t specify which super model. Set clean.
gallien kruger 250ml, set overdriven.

this is from an article in july 1988 guitar world.

Also, judging by this site, the Fender amp which formed one half of Gilmour’s power amplification for “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” was a Super Champ (c.1983)http://www.geocities.com/soho/studios/6694 /superchamp/

He also has 1956 Gibson Les Paul GT, in black colour. One of his Gibson acoustics is Hummingbird, with tape-on pickup, Bill Lewis guitar was also common by Gilmour, he has it since 1940. Charvel San Dimas was used in 1984. From lap steels, he also used Rickenbacker frying pan, and Weissenborn acoustic lap steel. There’s also a photo of him and Steinberger GL3T.


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