David Gilmour Guitar On Dark Side Of The Moon

The  david gilmour guitar on dark side of the moon period of the first of the Eclipse Suite in January 1972, her concert back in Great Britain David received his first pedal when the dark side tour starts in the US M At Knebworth Festival in July 1975 March 1973, all in the He has experimented with various pedals and guitars. David ver changed Also the game screaming fuzz sounds hot s Blues-oriented T Ne, as they begin to repeat again in medio material 1974 (Shine On, smoking a cigar and Raving and Drooling You must be crazy). Types of clouds for 1972 Eclipse Stage David Bank obscured.

Effects recording sessions
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (BC108)
Colorsound Powerboost
Univox Uni-Vibe
Binson Echorec II
Kepex processor (tremolo, Money recording session)
EMS Synthi Hi-Fli guitar effect processor

Note: There’s no reports on which songs the HiFli was used on although some sources indicates that the auto filter was used to emulate Leslie tones on Any Colour You Like.

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (BC108)
Vox wah wah (1973)
Cry Baby wah wah (1974-75)
Colorsound Power Boost
Univox Uni-Vibe
MXR Phase 90 (added in 1974)
DeArmond volume pedal

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (for lap steel guitar, 1974-75)
DeArmond volume pedal (for lap steel guitar, 1974-75)

Binson Echorec II
Binson Echorec PE 603
EMS Synthi Hi-Fli guitar effect processor
Conn Strobo Tuners (added in 1974)
EMS Synthi A (On the Run)

Note: David got his first pedal beginning in 1973. He pr sented the pedals on and judging by the few images that appear on the map have worked as listed Pete Cornish advice ter sp. The Council adopted a Vox wah-wah and Univibe 1973 but the Vox was replaced by a cry-baby was removed and Univibe / or broken and a new one was placed on c aside plateau 1974 A MXR Phase 90 has also sends / returns in summer 1974 Pink Floyd connected played both the regulator and echoes in 1973, so that must have been Vox Wah some reverse switch (or F nge were manually activated) David used the wah-wah effect on contr and the Rev rtsverbindung “M we” impact on the echoes.

The Hi-Fli-processor has become the platform of David in the short US tour M Rz ’73 and above all benefactors tigkeitskonzerte ’73 presented in Court, London, Great Britain Earl May. It is not documented how and why he had used it.

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