David Gilmour Guitar Photos

David Gilmour is a guitar player, vocalist, and producer best known for his role in Pink Floyd. His style is heavily influenced by blues phrasing, frequent use of sustained notes, and deep pitch bends. His solo on “Comfortably Numb” is also regarded as one of the best guitar solos of all time. David also enjoys Pete Cornish and BK Butler Tube Amplifiers.David plays Fender guitars, mostly Stratocasters and Telecasters, with the occasional Les Paul and a lap steel or slide guitar from time to time, all through a vast array of pedals and amplifiers. Perhaps the most popular of David’s pedal selections is the Big Muff, which he has used since early in his career and continues to use to this day. Most notably, his guitar solo for “Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2” was recorded in one take with no mixing or editing needed.

“That’s an all-original Olympic White/maple-cap Strat. It’s really beautiful; take off the pickguard and you see the original color, it’s pretty stunning. I used that for the melody on “Two Sides to Every Story” on my last solo record. Fender guitars had all sorts of tonal qualities in different years, as their pickups got hotter or weaker, they used different woods and stuff. I relate to the ’60s Strats more than I do to ’50s Strats. I was kind of brainwashed earlier in my collecting career, thinking, “You had to have a ’55 and a ’56 or whatever.” But after owning so many, and getting rid of all of ’em, my Strats now start at ’60 and I’m still looking for perfect examples of ’64 through ’69 models, because that’s what I heard on records when I as a kid.”

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