David Gilmour Guitar Rig Dark Side Of The Moon

Imagine you’re 19 and you’ve got a job as an assistant engineer at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Among the first sessions The last two albums by the Beatles, Let It Be and Abbey Road. Then, after the full bef engineer Promoted, you are entitled to a group called Pink Floyd on a project called Atom Heart Mother, followed by Dark Side of the Moon-the latter, giving you the first work of a dozen Grammy nominations Awards. Not a bad fa Start, is it

Alan Parsons, it was a springboard for a successful career engineering and manufacturing a Who’s Who of recording artists, including Hollies (“He is not heavy, he’s my brother, The air we breathe”), Paul McCartney (Red Rose Speedway, wildlife), Al Stewart (Year of the Cat Time Passages), ragweed (Ambrosia), and much more. But Parsons was not content to remain behind the console. He also moved forward with the Alan Parsons Project wins, hits (including I Robot, Eye in the Sky, stereotomy) and around the world sold-out crowds along the way. He is a recognized S singer, keyboardist, saxophonist, Fl Te tist, bassist, guitarist and songwriter.

These days, Parsons h Lt a busy schedule as a producer and leads the world with his project. His latest project is to educate a new generation of engineers and producers with his art and science of his DVD series registration, web videos and master class.

Needless to say that they ax slingers of the George Harrison David Gilmour, Alan Parsons Conna T a thing or two about tracking large en guitar sounds worked. Premier Guitar recently sat down with Parsons on his guitar recording secrets and the fa What he the pioneering Kl nts Captured on dark side of the moon to discuss. 

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